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Garrulus glandarius
Conservation Status (GREEN)

The Jay is a large and rather exotically-coloured member of the crow family. Its plumage is predominantly pinky-brown in colour, with a white rump, black and white wings and a black tail. The wings have a bright blue flash and the face has a black moustachial stripe.

Jays have an incredible ability to learn and a great memory, both traits of the crow family as a whole, making them particularly adaptable and successful. Jays are well-known as hoarders of acorns, and a single Jay can hoard as many as 2,000 acorns during the autumn. Most of these are retrieved when food becomes scarce but a few are missed, so the Jay actually helps disperse acorns to new areas. [Source:]

We have a few Jays at Wild North Devon, they rarely visit the feeders due to a healthy supply of acorns but now and then they grace me with their presence, although i often see and hear them. See more Wildlife in North Devon in my bird photography blog

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