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New Beginnings

My very first image from a very special place near to where i live. Its on the river Torridge in North Devon in the UK and contains a lovely little wooded area with many bird species. What's so beautiful about this place is it also has a small marsh area that contains many birds, like the Water Rail, and many duck species.

There are Herons, Egrets, and almost certainly Otters. So over the coming months i hope to be able to bring you some truly lovely photos, starting with birds from the small woodland.

This is the first shot, a small twig setup, no hide as yet, so this was a case of standing very still and waiting for the birds to come to me.

Coal Tit on a perch at woodland bird table, in North Devon
Coal Tit on a perch

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Marsh Tit with its prize
Marsh Tit with its prize

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