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The Teenagers

Photographing Long Tailed Tits

Saturday at the new hide was fun. Watching Long Tailed Tits is like seeing a group of teenagers. You can hear them coming, laughing, shouting, then you see them, they're messing around, chasing each other making maximum noise, then they're gone! All that's left is the distant shouts, screams and laughter

Long Tailed Tit on a lichen covered branch, Photographing Long Tailed Tits by woodland bird table
Long Tailed Tit - f/8 - 1/640th - 340mm - ISO-2000

The Long Tailed Tit is much the same, you hear them before you see them, that's the cue to be ready, then out of nowhere they turn up En Masse. They flit from one spot to another, chirping all the while, then gone! Just like that, they disappear and all that's left is the distant chirps.

Long Tailed Tit on a Blackthorn branch, long tailed tit photography by woodland bird table
Long Tailed Tit on Blackthorn - f/8 - 1/640 - 340mm - ISO-1600

There aren't quite the amount i would like at the hide at the moment, I was only getting 2 at a time, but that increased to 4 last weekend, so they're beginning to discover the feeders now. One thing is for sure, they're more than happy to land on any perch i put up, like this Blackthorn and others

Long tailed tit photography by woodland bird table
Long Tailed Tit - f/6.3 - 1/640 - 340mm - ISO-1250

I have to admit, I'm looking forward to utilising all the May Blossom and other colourful Spring blooms in the coming weeks, just maybe the other birds would like to use them as well

Long Tailed Tit by woodland bird table, bird and nature photography by Andy Davey
Long Tailed Tit - f/8 - 1/640 - 400mm - ISO-2200

You can see more photo's of these gorgeous little birds here

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