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Wild North Devon

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

We all love where we live, but i have to be honest, i don't think there are many places I'd rather live than right here in North Devon. It's an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that covers 170 square kilometres. From dramatic coastlines to rolling hills of green and gold. On it's edge is wild and rugged Exmoor. Photography is an easy hobby to take up when you have all this on your doorstep.

My passion for photography started with the landscapes above, but soon moved to birds and wildlife. It actually started with Macro photography. I spent many hours walking around some truely stunning nature reserves in North Devon run by the Devon Wildlife Trust in the early hours of a summers morning. There's nothing better than being completely alone with nature as the sun comes up over the horizon. The birds singing all around while you search for butterflies and insects to photograph.

We are truely blessed with a stunning collection of wildlife in North Devon, there is always something to photogaph.

Now my passion has moved to birds and wildlife, although my macro lens is always in my bag. With all this at my feet i didn't think it could get any better, but i was wrong. Thanks to a very kind couple, i now have access to a small area of land close to where i live. Within this site that measures about 10-20 acres is a woodland, a Marsh that floods on a very high tide and the River Torridge that runs around the outside of the site. The following video was taken by me using a drone, not the best but it was my first effort

So with this stunning little natural reserve at my disposal i would like to document the wildlife it contains. This is everything from Stoats to Otters. And many species of birds.

I will be blogging my findings and images and videos over the next couple of years. As well as documenting the wildlife i will also add tips and camera settings that i hope will help any wildlife/macro photographer out there.

Don't be shy, if you have questions please feel free to ask me. And please follow my blogs if you would like to be kept up to date with my project.


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