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My purpose built bird table made from old decking
How I Started...


I've always had a passion for photography but never really took it seriously until about 8 years ago. Initially my preference was landscapes, but soon discovered a real passion for Macro photography. I love photographing all things small, but if i had a favourite it would be the Butterfly.

This passion for wildlife eventually lead me to birds, now i can't get enough of our feathered friends. Ever since a spontaneous visit to a bird hide I've been hooked, and this lead me to building the Woodland Bird Table in my small 20X20 foot garden in the lovely county of Devon.

Some of my photos are from that setup and some from a stunning hide in Dorset called Windows On Wildlife run by the brilliant Dean Mason, winner of the 2017 Countryfile calendar competition

My vision is to have my own hide in Devon where i can photograph our feathered friends to my hearts content.


Update: I have now been fortunate enough to be offered a small wooded area to set up and photograph the wildlife only 3 miles from where i live. This opens up so many different birds that will allow me to capture so many more species.

This small site compriases a small wooded area teaming with wildlife, the River Torridge runs around the border and the Marsh floods on a large tide.

Whilst the primary aim is to photograph the many birds there, I'm keen to explore the other wildlife on the site. This includes Foxes, Herons, Egrets, Swans, Geese, Manderine Ducks, a Black Mallard, Otters, Deer, Tawny and Barn Owls, Buzzards, Kestrals and other visiting raptures. Plus whatever other little treasures I'll find in this stunning little nature paradise, and to document and highlight these findings that showcases a Wild North Devon
The video below is video of the site, it's a little rough and ready but it gives an idea of how stunning it is

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