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First day with the hide

Managed to get the Hide set up today, still some work to do and i doubt very much if it will the final position, but at least the birds will be getting used to it.

I had several visitors today, The Long Tailed Tit was the first to make an appearance

An image of a Long Tailed Tit on a branch
Long Tailed Tit

The background needs to be sorted, so a little tweaking here and there is necessary. On the other perch i had a Blue Tit

Blue Tit on a perch
Blue Tit on a perch

Again, the background is not what i want, but that's easy to deal with. The light was not too bad, although i might be better off with the hide on the other side looking back as i am facing the Sun, but we'll see how it goes.

Finally another Long Tailed Tit on the second perch

Long Tailed Tit
Long Tailed Tit

All in all considering its only been 10 days since i placed my feeders here, i think there is plenty to be happy about. More to come.

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