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Fluff Balls

If you like birds then you'll almost certainly love the Long Tailed Tit. But have you ever seen a Juvenile Long Tailed Tit?

If you thought the adults were cute, well trust me, the youngsters are hyper-cute

Juvenile Long Tailed Tit
Juvenile Long Tailed Tit - Nikon D500 f/7.1 |1/640 | ISO-6400 | 400mm

I was lucky enough to be at the hide on the day they left the nest. Three of them making an almighty racket, such a laugh to watch them and as you'd imagine, no idea what to do, other then being constantly hungry and shouting for food. Unfortunately the light was very poor, and so the ISO was pushed high enough to cope with the shutter speed.

Juvenile Long Tailed Tit
Juvenile Long Tailed Tit - Nikon D500 | f/7.1 | 1/640 | ISO-9000 | 400mm

What made me really smile was, i had found a really nice looking branch that had fallen during the last storm, it looks a bit like a W, i thought if i place it in the ground behind the perches it might attract the birds waiting instead of them disappearing into the woods out of sight. Not only did it work, the first takers were this lot

I would loved to get all three in a line but the only time that happened was during a video i was taking, and then they had their back to me. I did get two of them on one branch

A pair of Juvenile Long Tailed Tits
Juvenile Long Tailed Tit - Nikon D500 | f/8 | 1/640 | ISO-8000 | 390mm

Watching these little fluff balls trying to learn how to feed themselves was comical, and perhaps the one photo i took that day, that showed how these little cute birds reacted to their environment was when one of them encountered their first bird. This was the best photo of the day, the look of surprise on the juvenile Long Tailed Tit was just hilarious

Juvenile Long Tailed Tit meets a Great Tit and looks shocked
Juvenile Long Tailed Tit - Nikon D500 | f/8 | 1/500 | ISO-5000 | 390mm

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