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Backgrounds and lighting

The Hide has been moved, the sun now at my back for most of the day. I have a nice background now but I'm still having slight issues with light. The background light is making the birds dark, so i will need to compensate for this. I can either change my metering mode or use exposure compensation, or i could use a fill flash, an option I'm seriously considering.

Marsh Tit
Marsh Tit - Nikon D500 Nikon 200-500mm f/6.3 1/800th ISO-400 270mm

The photo above was worked on in post processing to lighten this Marsh Tit, fill flash would have given me just that little more detail in the eye area, but i will experiment with camera settings to see if this works in the coming weeks

Coal Tit on Blackthorn
Coal Tit on Blackthorn - f/8 1/1000th ISO-1800 270mm

I managed to get something to land on this perch, not quite where i wanted it but still like the effect. The light is not right but it's all about getting used to the new surroundings, the light, the background and how quickly it changes, which it does, I've noticed the light changes very quickly here. Fill flash would have worked nicely here.

Blue Tit on Lichen with feather
Blue Tit on Lichen branch with feather - f/6.3 - 1/1000th - ISO-2000 - 320mm

Another photo that has meant spending time in post processing. Here i was in spot metering mode but in this case it probably wasn't the best mode to be in. I can experiment with different modes throughout the day but the fill flash option is looking the best option going forward.

Great Tit
Great Tit - f/6.3 - 1/800th - ISO-1000 - 370mm

Another photo where a very small amount of fill flash would have worked well. While I'm not too disappointed with the shot, it does need just a little more light around the eye. Its all a learning curve, I've only been in the new location for 2 weeks, the light is constantly changing and so I'm having to adapt and learn as i go, but that's what makes it a challenge and fun.

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